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Get on Board Governance Education Program 2015
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2015 Get on Board brochure - coming soon

The Canadian Board Diversity Council (CBDC) Get on Board Governance Education Program is designed to complement existing director education programs. The CBDC mandate includes equipping board-ready and high-potential diverse candidates with the tools to pursue board placement. The maximum number of participants in each classroom is 35 to ensure a high-quality, individualized learning experience.

Series Levels

Level I

A 4-session 22 hour Series for individuals in management or professional roles with no board experience who are interested in joining a not-for-profit board. Individuals who have completed the Level I Series will have the opportunity to choose whether they would like the Council to make their names available to select not-for-profit organizations.

Level II

A 5-session 26 hour Series for individuals with 10+ years management/professional experience and small/medium not-for-profit board experience who are now interested in exploring large not-for-profit, public sector and small/medium private company board service.


A First-Rate Education

Develop a strong foundation on the role of boards, governance principles, and how to be an effective board member through excellent course content and materials.

Top Instructors

Receive instruction in an intimate learning environment from top-rated, experienced board members who will provide you with hands-on individualized guidance.

Key Recruitment Tools

Acquire key tools for pursuing board positions; understanding board recruiting processes; preparing a board résumé; and developing an individual board career action plan.

Access to Recruiters

Gain the opportunity to access the prestigious executive search firm Odgers Berndtson, and for Level II session participants, have your board résumé sent directly to them.

Enhanced Networking

Add to your network top business leaders from the governance community and highly skilled colleagues from a broad range of business sectors and professions.

‘Get on Board’ Graduate Appointments:

Laurie Copithorne elected to Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research, November 2014

Guy Flavelle elected to Canadian Egg Marketing Agency, March 2014

Kim Koster elected to Invest Toronto, February 2014

Dawneen Boyle elected to Unity Charity, December 2013

Christie Stephenson elected to Board of Canadian Centre for International Justice, 2013

Julie Jai, elected to the Board of St. Joseph’s Health Centre, October 2013.

Patrick Merz, elected to the Board of ALS Society of Alberta, April 2013.

Jennifer McGill, elected to the Board of VOICE for Deaf Kids.

Ellis Perryman, elected as President of Urban Financial Services Coalition.

Kumee Rao, elected to the Board of the Canadian Mental Health Association.



“I was amazed at the experience and credentials of my fellow participants. As this was an Introductory course, I wasn't sure what to expect, but the sophistication and the knowledge of the participants soon became evident. I learned a lot just by listening to their stories and experiences. This course helped me get past my pre-conceived notions that Board positions are primarily based on "who you know," not "what you know" --although I'm sure that's still a factor on many Boards! Courses like the Get on Board Program which emphasize Board education are a great step towards getting Boards comprised of qualified diverse individuals outside the old boys club.”

Karen Fellowes
Associate Lawyer, Davis LLP

“The strength of this program was having the involvement of current board members presenting not only the material but more importantly their experiences, knowledge and real holistic perspectives that allowed us to look at ways we need to improve and enhance future boards. Having small teams provided each and every one of us a voice to engage, challenge and validate what boards need to become.”

Jerome Beaudoin